Small Business Tax Services in Lodi, NJ - Tax Filing Made easy by NJ CPA
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Helping business owners find relief and recognize areas between managing a business and managing their time is a key principle for Alba Translations, CPA.

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Business Formation and S Corp Elections

Get your business on the right track, right away. Let us discuss the proper entity type for your needs and goals, that not only work today but is something you can rely on for the future.

Whether you are a single-member LLC or multi shareholder corporation, we can set you on the right track for success.  Make sure to consult a professional before selecting your business entity as the right entity type can save you a bunch of money on taxes and protect you from personal liability.


We strongly encourage all our clients to book a tax appointment prior to stopping by the office.  We have been implementing tools and processes to limit customers’ wait times during tax season.  View our updated calendar to book an appointment with Andi or Anita at SQUARE Calendar.


We offer payroll and accounting services as a courtesy to our small business clients.  We are not bookkeepers- we are accountants.  Accountants look at things very differently (better) than bookkeepers. Bookkeepers simply memorialize your transactions. Accountants offer insight and advice.


Most small business clients either require annual compilation of books or monthly depending on their size.  We offer a fixed price based on the size of your business and the complexity of the transactions. Happy to provide a free consult and a quote tailored to your business.


Alba Translations, CPA prides itself in being transparent and having a simple CPA cost structure. 75% of our clients (business services and tax returns) will fit into the costs described below.  Sure, there’s always the outlier or the unusual situation, but the following information gives you an idea of our pricing philosophy.

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