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How to become a millionaire…

How to become a millionaire…

So you want to be a millionaire…


The principle is pretty easy actually, you find a need among people and you fill it.  If you can fill the needs of a million people, you will become a millionaire.  However, most people do not start a business because they’ve identified a need.


The most common mistake I see among ambitious entrepreneurs is to approach entrepreneurship with the wrong premise.  Most new businesses are started on selfish premises (I need to make money, Jim’s business is doing so well so I’m going to do the same, someone told me to start a business to be rich).  Selfish premises do not make good long term business plans.


The purpose of creating a business should not be to make you money.  I see people do this all the time: open a bakery next to an existing bakery because they are successful; start a construction business because they think they can make money.  That need has already been filled. Unless you have identified a gap and think you can do it better, that business will fail.


You begin to attract money when you turn your business focus from the needs of yourself to the needs of other people.


Money is a like a mischievous cat; if you chase it around the neighborhood, it eludes you– hiding up a tree, behind the rose bush, or in the garden. However, if you ignore it and focus on what attracts the cat other than the cat itself, it will come to you and sit right in your lap.” – MJ DeMarco


Help people fill a need, scale that to millions of people, and you will become a millionaire. Easy as pie.  Once you’ve identified the need you want to fill, let us help you register your business and get you on the road to riches.

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